Lily worked with me to assist with Bo, a highly strung and nervous Wheaten Terrier. She was quickly able to assess and prioritise the behavioural issues that needed the greatest attention whilst also putting into place training techniques that would be beneficial further down the line. It was clear from the first session that Lily has a natural rapport with dogs and an ability to tap into their individual needs - basically, she speaks dog! Lily gave invaluable advice and guidance as well as easy to implement tips which have made a huge difference to Bo's anxiety levels and general behaviour. I would absolutely recommend her services to anyone looking for top notch professional dog training.

Skylar Liberty Rose

Lily is one of the kindest and most attentive trainers we've ever had.  She was always extremely attentive to my dog Ozzie's needs/anxieties in order to fine tune his training to suit his specific needs.  Since he is highly anxious and reactive, he is not always able to participate in the same training every day.  Lily was able to read his signals each day and design the days training plan appropriately.  She took her time to create a strong and trusting bond with him, which was so important to the training's success. In only a few weeks we saw his reactiveness to triggers decrease and his confidence increase.  We are so proud of the work they did together!  

"First time owner"....needless to say, I was pretty clueless on how to train a puppy!  I had a few trainers before I met Lily and the process wasn't going so well.  I was frustrated and didn't know what would happen.  Then something wonderful,  Lily came into our lives.  Since then everything has been different.  Better! My puppy is well behaved, calm, obedient and lots of fun to play with.  Lily taught Bowie the very important basics, sit, stay, come and on the flip side she taught Bowie how to stop running out the door whenever I would open it and to stop doing the naughty things that puppies do.

As far as Lily goes....she is a breath of fresh air.  Always happy, smiling, soft spoken, always has a kind word. When it comes down to training session time, there's no dilly dallying.  She gets right down to business in a sweet way.  Her training is done creatively and in a manner in which you and your puppy don't even know how much your learning.  She's helpful, kind, attentive and available.  No matter when I would send a SOS email, Lily always responded and always follows up to see how progress is going.

She is a "must-have" I would highly recommend Lily to everyone who has any kind of dog.  As mentioned earlier, she is a breath of fresh air.  Lovely, smart, engaging....I can go on and on....Do yourself a favor.  Grab her!  She's worth having in your and your puppies life!

A big fan – Nancy (& Bowie)

After my boyfriend and I decided to adopt a second shelter dog, we were so grateful to have found Lily! Our dog, though loving, was an absolute whirlwind of chaos that had received no training (including house breaking) at 6 months old. Not only did Lily help us understand how to housebreak her, but through group lessons, helped us socialize our dog and learn basic tricks. Soon those basic tricks morphed from working on "stay" to playing hide and seek!
She also helped us with our 5 year old husky mix, who is a stubborn old man. She got him to finally stop pulling on his leash while we walk.
If you have the opportunity to work with Lily, absolutely do not pass it up. It has made our joyous life of being proud pet parents even more manageable and wonderful. THANK YOU, LILY!
Hayley W-E, Astoria, New York

"Lily is a wonderful trainer.  We have two Standard Poodles, a female and male, 4 and 6 years old. Our 4 year-old female Sugar has been on Fluoxitine, a veterinarian prescribed medicine for fear, anxiety, and reactive issues since she was 6 months old.  Our 6 year-old Sammy was very reactive and aggressive to other dogs, running children, bikers, etc. 
Lily began working with them a year ago and the improvement is remarkable. Our girl now can go out and do her business on a regular basis. She used to be very fearful and easily distracted by noises, cars, and especially other dogs. Now she is nowhere near as skittish and when walked alone is not reactive to dogs or noisy distractions. Our older male has gone from very reactive to totally reserved and calm. He now says hello to other dogs, and doesn't even react when they bark at him!  People who know him are amazed at his transformation as are we. He's a pleasure to take out. And he's grown much more affectionate which must be a side effect of Lily's training. 
In addition, Lily has worked with them to walk together which we just couldn't do before.  Our female would get highly agitated and rear up and bark aggressively and our male would then tug at his leash and join in loudly. Now, we can walk them together with much less trepidation. Our newest walker has no problems taking them out together and Lily has taught us that when they are with us they are more defensive and protective which is very normal. Sugar and Sammy love Lily and vice versa.  They would jump for joy and be so excited when she took them out for training/walking. Lily admitted she has a special fondness for them. 
We think of Lily as part of our family and miss her terribly. No one can replace her. We've had other trainers and none were as patient, knowledgeable, or as caring as Lily. She takes time to teach us and explain why they behave as they do and how to correct any behavior issues. We felt we could never forgive her for moving away but she's so sweet it was hard to be mad for long :) She is simply the best! "
Jack and Cynthia
Manhattan, NYC

Lily is the perfect blend of responsible, smart, compassionate, and intuitive. I first met Lily in 2013 when we were both volunteering as dog walkers at Animal Care and Control of New York City where we walked many high-energy dogs that got much less exercise and socialization than family pets. Lily handled each dog as an individual and with the strong yet gentle lead they require.
When I saw how great Lily was at ACC, I asked her if she would be interested in working with my personal pup, Elsie. Elsie was older and only required short sessions, but Lily always stayed for the full scheduled time (and then some) just to give Elsie companionship, cuddles, and love. When Elsie became very old, Lily’s patient and compassionate spirit became irreplaceable as Elsie struggled with mobility issues requiring additional help and care. I could also count on Lily to be a second and trusted opinion on how Elsie was feeling so I could know whether to take her to the vet or not. Elsie and I were beyond lucky to have Lily all the way through the end of Elsie’s life.
Currently I have a new pup, who came from a very cruel situation. Despite her resilience and super friendly nature, Gracie understandably came with a couple of fears. She is scared of bathrooms and Lily helped tremendously on slowly de-sensitizing Grace to the bathroom. Lily completely adjusted to Grace and her specific needs and was a great sounding board when Grace arrived and played some diagnostic games with her which helped me realize how quick Grace learns and gave both me and Grace the confidence to dive right into training and all sorts of tricks. We miss Lily dearly so please send her back, UK. 
—Tanya, Angel Elsie, and P. Gracie, New York, NY, USA

For first time dog owners, a puppy can be extremely overwhelming. We reached out to Lily for help, and we are so thankful we did! Lily is extremely knowledgeable and was able to answer all of our questions. Lily taught us how to respond to and deter certain habits our puppy had (chewing, going to the bathroom inside, barking while we ate etc), in addition to teaching us commands (sit, stay etc.). It is clear that Lily cares so much about animals and she took a personal interest in our little boy. Lily was an essential part of our puppy's development and part of the reason he is so well behaved and so loving. We highly recommend Lily's services!!

Joanna & Hank